ABN AMRO (abnamro.nl)

This site is build on the idea offering the client customized and personalized content, omni platform, based on the idea offering the client his own ‘Financial Space’. The client can switch from Internet Banking to the basic abn amro website to browse products or more, and he can easily switch back, offering him still the basic details from his accounts, without bothering him with logging in/out again.

My Role

As a Visual Designer I worked with other engineers, UI/UX designers how the ABN AMRO platform could best be be built, constructed and visualized. It was always an enjoyable part to brainstorm with the other disciplines, working with the Scrum methodology. As a Visual Designer, my role was to design templates from start and design also new components for example for the Payment Process or Tools. I also had the role of art-direction, for other external parties, delivering components also for several branches.

Grid and some designs for the ABN AMRO website

The site has a basic grid of 1000px and templates consists of generic, reusable, components

Internet Banking and the dashboard

A visual representation of how switching back and forth works

Some designs of Internet Banking