Client background

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. There are various distribution centers that are responsible for supplying the various stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Various systems and applications are used to ensure that this runs as efficiently and as well as possible.

My Role

UX was new to Supply Chain. They asked me to:

  • Support and optimization and/or redesign the 9 applications for Supply Chain
  • Setting up DSM for Supply Chain Albert Heijn in Figma
  • Create support within teams and stakeholders for usability
  • Perform User Surveys, Customer Journeys and usability testing
  • Setting up workshops to kick-start new applications or improvements


The applications vary from applications needed on the floor to monitoring processes on desktop and Specialists and/or Shiftleaders

Communication and creating support for new functionality was very important to avoid friction

Usability testing and UX can gap the bridge between the people on the work floor and management
Unfortunately it is not possible to share images due to contractual obligations