Livewords, former Concorde Group, was in an overall transition phase.They offer a great variety of specialisations in both translation and interpreting. They needed rebranding, optimizing their work processes, replacing software and even moving to a new office.
The brand new app ‘LW GO’, making it available to contact a professional interpreter anywhere and anytime, 24/7, needed someone to guide that process, optimize redesign,  the registration process and insight in current and future flows.

My Role

They asked me to:

  • Deliver a prototype and flows to guide the external party
  • Guide the redesign for the app, following brand guidelines.
  • Optimise the registration process online
  • Deliver the html/css mail templates for the registration process.

Flows and optimalisation

An interpreter ‘on the go’.  An app that brings the professional interpreter, based on expertise, closer to the customer.

example flows