Client background

The Robidus Group is a succesfull consultancy and software business helping employers bringing the costs down regarding Social Security in the Netherlands. Looking for new opportunities, they wanted to rebrand their software department and launch a new website.
The previous identity and their online presence provided not the platform they needed to market themselves effectively.

My Role

They asked me to:

  • Design a completely new identity for their software department reflecting their industry and services.
  • Lay the foundation for a new branding styleguide.
  • Prototype, test and build their new website, along with the content.
  • Working with the team to build the new strategy, sculpting the new brand.


Visualizing the process of absence and sickleave, from short period absence to long term.

Visualizing the workprocess: 1. Doing it yourself 2. Doing it together 3. Let others do the work for you