Client background

The Unilever Food Solutions Academy App was a pilot focusing on basic training for chefs. Training was offered in basic short modules covering different topics, ranging from knife skills to different cooking methods.

My Role

My task was to:

  • Add new functionality in the app and optimize the user experience
  • Add Professional Certification for Junior Chefs beside the other courses
  • Make sure Head Chefs can assign to their team and track progress
  • Perform usability testing with chefs on site, in NL and around the world

Analyse en research

  • User needs. After a couple of good design sprints we mapped the right proces for certification in the App.
  • Use journeys. Draw the outcome of these sprints in user journeys for the different roles
  • Setting objectives. Setting up objectives to validate with the real users
  • Connect to the user. I set up several User tests to validate the new flow and new functionality with the different target groups, gathering qualitative data.
    By visiting chefs, but also connect remotely (globally)
  • Insights. The overal engagement was high, and showed real interest in the new functionality. In the end though, the functionality was integrated in the UFS App, I also worked on.